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Bike Blender

There are two versions of the bike blender - the more economical version is bolted to a pannier rack on the back of the bike, and the more expensive version is on a welded frame at the front of the bike which is better as the cyclist can see their efforts in front of them. The front version also utilizes an extra large chain ring so you don’t have to spin the pedals at quite such a manic pace to get the perfect brew.

The bike blender runs on a friction wheel and after a half a minute of vigorous pedaling you are rewarded with a delicious smoothie. A good  healthy recipe is frozen bananas slightly thawed (nice and creamy), a few frozen berries and milk. Pre-peeling the bananas before freezing makes life easier.

They are available for loan in Christchurch for a donation, or you can buy rear mounted one for $320 which includes a new blender jug and new pannier rack which can be attached to your bike. Its best to have a 26 inch wheel€ť bike with a slick back tyre and if you want kids to use it, a small frame or womens frame is better. You also have to supply the stand to mount the bike on - old wind trainers are readily available. The jug must be held in place by a second person or it will fall off.

The front mount bike blender one costs $900 and comes with feet welded onto the bike frame so it supports itself.

Watch a video of the rear bike blender here

Front mounted blender on a kids frame