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About & Contacts

phone: 021 0619296

email: steve@cycletrailers.co.nz

Central City Christchurch New Zealand

Cycle Trailers New Zealand Ltd grew out of cyclingchurch.org.nz and the feeling that we need to care for this planet a little better than we are doing. Transport is one area where big gains can be made in sustainability given around 1/4 of our total energy use in NZ is on transport, and a lot of that energy is likely being used for journeys that are within easy biking distance.

One way of reducing the number of car journeys made, is to do all your load-carrying by bike. Providing low cost New Zealand made trailers that are well set up for shopping trips and general load carrying is a great way of achieving this goal. As well as the environmental benefits, there are also health, economic, city planning,  and social benefits from using bike trailers more, so why not give it a go? You can try one out for free if you live in Christchurch just to see how it feels and discover how easy it is to tow.

Steven Muir is the person who designs and makes the trailers and made his first trailer in 2005 to carry his bass guitar and amplifier. So far Steven has built 430 trailers and cargo bikes (to the end of 2017). Steven won the 2012 cycle champion of the year award from Cycling Advocates Network for his efforts in promoting cycling in NZ.

The camel logo comes from the phrase Cheating Camel which is an anagram of Climate Change.