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last update: 11/11/16

If the sizes for the trailers shown below don’t suit your load I can custom make something that will. The load ratings given are conservative and the trailer will definitely be strong enough to handle the quoted load assuming its well balanced. If you overload it by 50% there is a small chance you will damage the trailer. If you overload it by 100% there is a large chance you will damage the trailer. If you have all of a heavy load over the front or back of the trailer rather than centered on the wheels, the hitch base may bend slightly.

Light Weight Trailers - designed to have a 100 litre bin or deck permanently fitted with loads up to 70 kg. Works best with 16” or 20” wheels.

$160 kitset frame & hitch or

$290 with new 16” wheels and bin with lid


Heavy Duty Trailers - designed to take heavier weights with bins that lift in and out which makes handling groceries etc much easier. Can handle Loads up to 120 kg. Standard size fits 100 litre bin, or can be custom made to whatever size you require. Wheels 20-24” are best.

$220 standard size kitset frame & hitch or $400 with new 24” wheels and 100 litre bin. Larger sizes cost a little more.


Kayak and Paddleboard Trolley - strap your kayak or standup paddleboard on this sturdy trolley, hitch it to you bike with the ball joint and bike off the the waterway. Suitable for 16” wheels and two widths available for narrow and wide kayaks. Also info on making your own wooden kayak trolley.

$330 with towbar, pads & three straps, $380 with wheels, $70 courier

Billboard Trailers - ideal for large 1200x900mm billboards which are very eye catching cruising down the road.

$280 for frame, hitch and new 16” wheel

Wooden Trailer Kitset - Make your own wooden frame and bolt on this towbar, wheel dropouts and hitch and make the cheapest lightweight and strong trailer possible.


Cargo Bikes - two or three wheel cargo bike great for taking the kids around the town or other loads up. Two wheeler can take 80kg and three wheeler 150 kg. Custom made to order. Electric assists possible.

$1800 - $3000 depending on design & componentry

Hitch Only - Make your own trailer but make use of this excellent hitch to make life easy, or get a spare or two for using the trailer with other bikes.


The Bike Blender - make a delicious smoothie using pedal power.


Bike Workstand - want to fix bikes comfortably but not pay $250 for a workstand. Here are details on how to make you own from 100x50 framing timber or old trampoline frames. Clamps and brackets are available at a reasonable price.

Trailer Hire - hire a single or two wheel cycle trailer for your tour of the South Island. Designed to have a back pack strap onto them. $100 a month. Courier back to Christchurch $50 (courier pickup from your accomodation). Buy a single wheel for $300.

You can try a two-wheel trailer for free for a month if you are thinking of buying one and want to see what its like. Pickups and usage must be in Christchurch.

Electric Trailer - put an electric motor in your trailer and cruise easily with heavy loads. approx $1800





Free trailer hire - If you are in Christchurch you can hire a trailer for a month or so and see how easy they are to tow and how extremely useful they are.

Bins - info on where to find the perfect bin


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